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17 Of The Best Sex Scenes Featuring Queer Women On Television, As Determined By Queer Women

We know best.

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2. Carmen's striptease for Shane in Season 3 of The L Word:


"OK, there's one on The L Word with Shane and Carmen and Shane is serving andro butch realness and Carmen is wearing this really hot lingerie. I literally watched this scene when I was first questioning whether I was attracted to girls and my answer was a resounding 'Yes!'"

—Sarah Barowski, Facebook

3. That super-relatable scene with Jo and Chase on Netflix's Easy.

"The scene between Jo and Chase in the show Easy on Netflix (ep "Vegan Cinderella"). That entire show is incredible, Joe Swanberg is a genius, and that episode is so relatable and beautiful. And the sex scene was hot AF!"



8. The jail cell scene to end all jail cell scenes in Season 1 of The L Word:


"Definitely my favorite is from Season 2 of The L Word when Bette and the carpenter are in the same jail cell after avoiding each other for so long. They don't even have actual sex but the talking and the emotion is real. Obviously, I'm still #TeamTina but dang. Bette could get it."


9. Pretty much the entirety of Episode 7 in Netflix's Gypsy.

"Episode 7 of Netflix's Gypsy when Sidney straddles Jean and removes her top, revealing Jean’s breasts. Then, Sidney removes her top and they proceed to have sex."



10. Of the many Rose and Luisa scenes from Jane the Virgin, the hospital hookup is hard to forget.

"The scene from Jane the Virgin where Rose visits Luisa in the mental institute. I don't know why, but it's so good."


11. Nicole and Waverly's very first steamy scene on Season 1 of Wynonna Earp.

"The scene in Wynonna Earp 1x09 where Waverly realizes that she's attracted to Nicole too. Shuts the blinds in the sheriff's office, closes the door, and kisses Nicole so hard she falls on to the couch! Then she talks about doing the things she's always wanted: parachute out of a plane at 15,000 ft, swim far, far out into the ocean so that she can't see the bottom anymore, and to eat geoduck. And afterward, says when she thinks about what she wants to do most in this world, it's Nicole. Then cue them romantically kissing on the couch and oh. my. god."


12. Margot and Alana's scene in Season 3 of Hannibal.


"Not only is the chemistry between the two actors wonderful, the cinematography is gorgeous. Add to it the fact that Margot and Alana have one of the few, if not the only, healthy relationships on the show and you've got yourself one of the best moments from that season. I'd take either one of those characters if given the opportunity."

—Lauren Crabtree, Facebook


14. And Bette strikes again, this time with Tina in the elevator in Season 5 of The L Word.


"Bette and Tina in the elevator. They had this honest conversation where they laid out their fears and insecurities and forgave each other for their mistakes. Emotional *and* physical intimacy? Yes please."


16. Any of the Bo and Lauren scenes from Lost Girl.

"Going for Bo and Lauren — the chemistry, the lighting, the mood are just so, so, so perfect. Four-poster bed? Totally romantic."

—Cindy Lim, Facebook


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