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    No One Was More Pumped About Syracuse's Win Than Carmelo Anthony


    Last night, Syracuse University beat the University of Virginia in the Elite 8 round of the 2016 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The final score was 68-62.

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    The victory was a pretty big deal considering Syracuse was ranked at a 10 seed, UVA was a 1 seed, and SU made a huge comeback in the second half.

    Same, Jimmy B. Same.

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    One of the Syracuse Orange's biggest fans happens to be Carmelo Anthony, who plays on the New York Knicks and is a former player for the Syracuse men's basketball team.

    Anthony's got some pretty strong Orange roots 'cause he helped lead his team to winning Syracuse's only NCAA Championship title in 2003.

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    He's been incredibly supportive throughout the whole tournament. So on Friday night when Syracuse made it into the Elite 8 by beating Gonzaga 63-60...

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    ...Lala uploaded this Snapchat video of her husband channeling his inner-DJ Khaled.

    Two days later, Anthony dressed in his Sunday best to cheer on his team.

    His reaction to 'Cuse beating UVA and earning a spot in the Final Four was even MORE amazing, if possible.

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    "'Cuse nation is in full effect!"

    "It's called perseverance," Anthony exclaimed. "Eat young boys, eat!"