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This Deleted "Batman v Superman" Scene Gives Us A Glimpse Into Apokolips

The clip potentially foreshadows the next Big Bad the Justice League will face. SPOILERS!

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If you saw Batman v Superman this weekend and wondered how exactly Lex Luthor was arrested, here's a deleted scene for you:

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The clip, titled "Communion," shows a SWAT team apprehending Lex while he's mining the Kryptonian ship for more information.

The biggest reveal of the clip, though, is this intimidating figure.

Warner Bros.

He appears to be holding Mother Boxes, technology from the planet Apokolips. We saw one of those in action in Batman v Superman in the clip showing Cyborg's origin.

This doesn't appear to be Darkseid (unless there's been a MAJOR redesign to differentiate him from Thanos). Rather, this is probably Darkseid's general, Steppenwolf.

Warner Bros.
DC Comics

Steppenwolf is one of Darkseid's strongest generals (and in some versions of the DC Universe, his uncle), so if this guy is coming to Earth, the Justice League is in serious trouble.

So that pretty much confirms it: When Lex said, "The bell has been rung," he meant that Darkseid is coming.

Warner Bros.

Let's get that Justice League organized quickly, shall we?

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