21 Moments That Made Parents Say "Shit!"

    You'll swear this stuff happened to you too.

    We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to share the moments as a parent that made them say "Shit!":

    1. "One time my husband had our toddler on his shoulders and accidentally walked her into a moving ceiling fan. (She's fine.)"

    2. "I didn't realize my son was awake...

    3. "When the preacher asked — in front of the entire Sunday school class — if anyone knew how Jesus died, my daughter said 'He was shot in a drive by.'"

    4. "My daughter promptly marched up to them and asked..."

    5. "We were at a funeral, so I gave my three-year-old my phone to keep her quiet. She dropped it and shouted "Aw shit!" in the middle of the eulogy."

    6. "I laughed but it was embarrassing."

    7. "I found my daughter 'doing her hair' with an entire tub of Vaseline. It took FOREVER to wash out."

    8. "I nearly died."

    9. "My first kid pooped out a whole bunch of glitter. It was pretty gross but also pretty magical. I still have no idea when or how she ate it."

    10. "When the hospital let me put my baby in the car and take her home. Alone. With no instruction manual."

    11. "I'm so lucky there wasn't a scratch on her."

    12. "When my daughter locked my iPad for 100 hours."

    13. "My 15-month-old pushed a chair over to the counter, climbed onto it and was standing there holding the coffee pot when I walked in."

    14. "When I walked into their room..."

    15. "My 4-year-old daughter and I were the only customers in a room of overly cologned men when she yelled, 'They stink here! This is gross!' We left pretty quickly."

    16. "That resulted in an instant 'SHIT!'"

    17. "Finding out I was pregnant."

    18. "I came around the corner to find..."

    19. "When my 3-year-old sister ran up to a very large man at the grocery store, lifted his shirt and raspberried his gut."

    20. "But later..."

    21. "I forgot where I put my newborn in my 1000 square foot apartment. It took me a little longer than I'm proud to admit to find her."

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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