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    Members Of The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, O-Town, And 98 Degrees Recorded A New Song

    Be still, my ’90s heart.

    You have undoubtedly heard by now that a bunch of '90s boy-band icons are reuniting to bring us the Syfy original movie Dead 7, helmed by Nick Carter.


    The two-hour TV movie takes place in the post-apocalyptic West, following a group of gunslingers trying to rid a small town of a zombie plague.

    Exciting, right? Wanna hear something that's possibly even more exciting? They RECORDED A BRAND-NEW SONG TOGETHER FOR THE MOVIE.


    And it includes SO many of our ’90s faves. We've got Nick Carter, A.J. McLean, and Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, and Erik-Michael Estrada from O-Town.

    Diane Freed / Brenda Chase / Kevin Winter / Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

    Listen to "In the End" below, exclusively on BuzzFeed, and let the sweet, blissful ’90s notes wash over you.


    Jive Records

    To download a free mp3 of the song, go here. Dead 7 premieres on Syfy Friday, April 1, and will be available on DVD and On Demand beginning June 6.

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