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    It's Literally Been One Hour, And Virat Kohli's Powerful Instagram Is Already A Meme


    In case you missed it, Virat Kohli just hit out at everyone linking Anushka Sharma to his on-field performances with a very powerful Instagram.

    Instagram: @virat

    While people have been lauding Kohli for his message, the Instagram itself has already been turned into a meme.

    Shame on people choosing Pepsi over Coke

    And it took less than an hour for this to happen.

    Shame on Rahul dravid for denying Sachin his double century at Multan

    No chill at all.

    Shame on girls not talking even after tinder match

    This is for you, internet. (Even if the meme is hilarious.)

    Shame on people who will use this image for a decade with stupid captions!!

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