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15 Puns You'll Understand ONLY If You're A Goddamn Hindi-Speaking Genius

This is how I deal with my crippling akela-pun.

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1. Can you figure out what tree this is?

Facebook: Less Is More / Via Facebook:

2. Who do you think this dude's favourite bhangra artist is?


3. Which Bollywood actor are we probably NOT going to be seeing in the new season of Game of Thrones?

@arbitraaj / Via Twitter: @arbitraaj

4. How many hairs does a bald dude have on his scalp?

Jessica and Lon Binder / Via Flickr: lonbinder

5. Why would Shikhar Dhawan be a great fit for the lead role in The Matrix?

Christopher Lee / Getty Images for ECB ; Warner Bros. / Via Nahim Abdulla

6. What did the cop say to the egg before throwing him into jail?

7. Why does this banana not have any friends?

8. What kind of puri is always begging for help?

Kross Language Pun Design / Via Facebook: krosslanguagepundesign

9. Do you instantly start singing a song whenever Virat Kohli and Alistair Cook line up in this exact fashion?

Twitter: @sreyesravi / Via

10. What reality show do vegetables like watching?

Kross Language Pun Design / Via Facebook: krosslanguagepundesign

11. Do you like the song, "Chhaiyya Chaiyya" from the movie Dil Se?

@Oinkoo / Via Twitter: @Oinkoo

12. What age-old saying does this block of cheese adhere to?

13. What do you say when a Gujarati person has exactly ten sisters?

Cartoon Network/ Pun Credit: Rajesh Kotenkar / Via Facebook: thepunnery

14. What old Hindi song does this cute wittle pug remind you of?

Wordpress: khoonbharimaang / Via

15. And finally, if you're a goddamn genius, tell us what the hell this kid and his uncle are saying here.

@arbitraaj / Via Twitter: @arbitraaj

Did you get them all?