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    Posted on Mar 1, 2016

    14 Reasons Everyone Needs To Celebrate St. David's Day

    Everyone needs some cawl in their life.

    1. In Wales, St. David's Day means one thing: Cawl.

    Flickr: matthewgriff / Creative Commons

    And everyone should have some cawl every once in a while.

    2. It also means Welsh cakes.

    3. The man himself had a pretty pimp-ass look.

    Flickr: le_chanoine / Creative Commons

    Damn David, back at it again with the white doves.

    4. Kids look kind of adorable in their little St. David's outfits.

    Flickr: nationalassemblyforwales / Creative Commons

    Although as a child yourself, you hated the damn thing.

    5. Part of the costume, at least for the boys, is edible.

    Flickr: richardnorth / Creative Commons

    Sure, it's a leek, but still…

    6. And as a kid it means getting an easy school day.

    7. And getting your photo taken.

    8. As an adult it's the perfect time to dust off the classic long-sleeved Welsh rugby shirt.

    9. It's as good an excuse as any to go out and drink.

    Flickr: tfduesing / Creative Commons

    Not that much of an excuse is ever needed.

    10. The day itself isn't taken too seriously.

    Flickr: willposh / Creative Commons

    The Welsh never take themselves too seriously, and St. David's Day is no different.

    11. It's the perfect opportunity to brighten up a room with some daffodils.

    12. There are also a lot more Welsh flags on display.

    Flickr: guardiancardiff / Creative Commons

    The world could always do with more dragons.

    13. Simply put, the Welsh national anthem is the best national anthem.

    14. And St. David's Day the perfect time to celebrate all things Welsh.

    Flickr: matthewblank / Creative Commons

    Happy St. David's Day!

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