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What Questions Do You Have For "The Hills" Star Heidi Pratt?

She's stopping by BuzzFeed and nothing is off limits!

Everyone knows Heidi Montag — The Hills legend, reality show royalty, and brief (yet iconic) pop star.

And let's not forget she's one-half of the legendary Speidi!

Well, Heidi is stopping by BuzzFeed now is your chance to ask her anything you want!

Maybe you have an unanswered question about The Hills that you've been DYING to know the answer to.

Maybe you're looking to know some beauty secrets from Mrs. Heidi herself.

Or maybe you're just curious about Heidi's life post-Hills.

So if you have a question for Heidi, throw it in the comment section below and look out for our interview with Heidi on BuzzFeed Celeb!

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