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Russians Are Obsessed With These Big Plush Ikea Sharks

The popularity of Blåhaj has apparently led to people selling them online at high prices.

Rachael Krishna One year ago
Rachael Krishna One year ago

This Photo Of A Woman Covered In Mosquitoes Is Very "Non-Aesthetic"

Anastasia Gruzdeva, who's from Russia, told BuzzFeed News that she's not grossed out at all by the bugs.

Rachael Krishna One year ago

A Woman Took A Cutout Of Seth Rogen Around With Her And He Loved It

"Some Russian women appear to have taken a cardboard cutout of me on vacation."

Rachael Krishna One year ago
Rachael Krishna One year ago

Russia Is Trying To Block The Messaging App Telegram And People Are Not Happy About It

In the process, Russia's telecommunications watchdog managed to ban a number of online games, mobile services, and credit card terminals.

Rachael Krishna One year ago

A Bunch of Students Got In Trouble For Dancing In Their Underwear And Now It's A Huge Meme

After the video went viral, university officials said they won't expel the students. Probably NSFW.

Rose Troup Buchanan One year ago

Brits And Russians React To Each Others' Drinking Traditions

Buckfast is "for kids", and pre-drinking is universal, apparently.

Hilary Mitchell One year ago

9 Of The Most Terrifying Scary Stories From All Over The World

These stories are collected from around the world, but they all have one thing in common: they'll make you want to sleep with the lights on tonight.

Luísa Pessoa 2 years ago

People Are Translating Russian Captions On Pictures Of Cats And It's So Pure

"You could just write whatever you want and say it was translated Russian from a Russian cat meme post and people would believe you."

Brad Esposito 2 years ago

People Keep Sharing A Picture That Falsely Claims These CDs Are Poisonous

The same picture with similar warnings has previously been shared in Russia and Germany.

Ikran Dahir 2 years ago
Victor Stepanov 2 years ago

18 Russian Snacks The Rest Of The World Really Needs

You haven't lived until you've tasted pickle and dill crisps.

Tabatha Leggett 2 years ago

This Photo Of A Shady-Looking Bird Has Become A Huge Meme And It's Hilarious AF

"Jesus Christ this bird knows my browser history."

Ikran Dahir 2 years ago
Rachael Krishna 2 years ago

This Is How A Teenager's Suicide Sparked Panic Over "Blue Whale" Online Communities

The link between "blue whale" communities and teen suicides is unclear.

Rachael Krishna 2 years ago

This Badass Woman Has Become A Symbol For Russia's Young Protesters

Ducks, trainers, and a badass woman all defined Sunday's protests.

Rachael Krishna 2 years ago

Ukraine Has Banned Russia's Eurovision Entry From Entering The Country

The European Broadcasting Union has now offered Yulia Samoilova the chance to perform via satellite.

Rachael Krishna 2 years ago

This Raccoon Is Apparently "Traumatised" After Taking Part In A Nude Video Shoot But No One Knows What's Really Going On

Is it a stunt? Is it legit? Why does this stuff always happen in Russia? (Maybe a little NSFW)

Rose Troup Buchanan 2 years ago
Rachael Krishna 2 years ago