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Russians Are Obsessed With These Big Plush Ikea Sharks

The popularity of Blåhaj has apparently led to people selling them online at high prices.

Rachael Krishna • 10 months ago
Rachael Krishna • One year ago

This Photo Of A Woman Covered In Mosquitoes Is Very "Non-Aesthetic"

Anastasia Gruzdeva, who's from Russia, told BuzzFeed News that she's not grossed out at all by the bugs.

Rachael Krishna • One year ago

A Woman Took A Cutout Of Seth Rogen Around With Her And He Loved It

"Some Russian women appear to have taken a cardboard cutout of me on vacation."

Rachael Krishna • One year ago
Rachael Krishna • One year ago

Russia Is Trying To Block The Messaging App Telegram And People Are Not Happy About It

In the process, Russia's telecommunications watchdog managed to ban a number of online games, mobile services, and credit card terminals.

Rachael Krishna • One year ago

A Bunch of Students Got In Trouble For Dancing In Their Underwear And Now It's A Huge Meme

After the video went viral, university officials said they won't expel the students. Probably NSFW.

Rose Troup Buchanan • One year ago

Brits And Russians React To Each Others' Drinking Traditions

Buckfast is "for kids", and pre-drinking is universal, apparently.

Hilary Mitchell • One year ago

9 Of The Most Terrifying Scary Stories From All Over The World

These stories are collected from around the world, but they all have one thing in common: they'll make you want to sleep with the lights on tonight.

Luísa Pessoa • One year ago

People Are Translating Russian Captions On Pictures Of Cats And It's So Pure

"You could just write whatever you want and say it was translated Russian from a Russian cat meme post and people would believe you."

Brad Esposito • 2 years ago

People Keep Sharing A Picture That Falsely Claims These CDs Are Poisonous

The same picture with similar warnings has previously been shared in Russia and Germany.

Ikran Dahir • 2 years ago
Victor Stepanov • 2 years ago

18 Russian Snacks The Rest Of The World Really Needs

You haven't lived until you've tasted pickle and dill crisps.

Tabatha Leggett • 2 years ago

This Photo Of A Shady-Looking Bird Has Become A Huge Meme And It's Hilarious AF

"Jesus Christ this bird knows my browser history."

Ikran Dahir • 2 years ago
Rachael Krishna • 2 years ago

This Is How A Teenager's Suicide Sparked Panic Over "Blue Whale" Online Communities

The link between "blue whale" communities and teen suicides is unclear.

Rachael Krishna • 2 years ago

This Badass Woman Has Become A Symbol For Russia's Young Protesters

Ducks, trainers, and a badass woman all defined Sunday's protests.

Rachael Krishna • 2 years ago

Ukraine Has Banned Russia's Eurovision Entry From Entering The Country

The European Broadcasting Union has now offered Yulia Samoilova the chance to perform via satellite.

Rachael Krishna • 2 years ago

This Raccoon Is Apparently "Traumatised" After Taking Part In A Nude Video Shoot But No One Knows What's Really Going On

Is it a stunt? Is it legit? Why does this stuff always happen in Russia? (Maybe a little NSFW)

Rose Troup Buchanan • 2 years ago
Rachael Krishna • 2 years ago