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    Posted on 1 Mar 2016

    If You're Passionate About Puns, Here's Your New Favourite Instagram Account

    *Follows account immediately*

    This is Keren Rosen, a freelance designer and illustrator based in Tel-Aviv.

    Keren Rosen

    And for the last year, she's been uploading hilarious illustrations about everyday phrases to Instagram.

    "So far I have created about 120 illustrations," Rosen told BuzzFeed.

    She explained that after a while, a lot of her followers started sending in ideas, which turned it from a personal to collaborative project, in which everyone could participate.

    "It makes me extremely happy to get positive remarks and hear that my illustrations make people smile," she said.

    "It's hard for me to pick one pun illustration that I like more, but if I have to I think I would choose hold your horses."

    You can follow Rosen's "Dings And Doodles" here.

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