16 Reasons A Man With A Mooch Is The Best Kind Of Man

    This is all too mooch.

    1. Beards have been enjoying their day in the sun for too long now.

    2. Beards are easy. They can make anyone look good. But moustaches take skill.

    3. A good moustache takes discipline.

    4. It needs constant attention and grooming, like a pet.

    5. But all the hard work pays off when you get a mooch this fine.

    6. And nothing feels better than taking your 'stache for a twirl.

    7. Maybe once, maybe twice.

    8. It all looks just great.

    9. I moustache you to stop, kind sir.

    10. Because this is all too mooch.

    11. I might be getting too a-stached.

    12. 🙈🙈🙈

    13. Staches are the cheapest and easiest way to look like a royal.

    14. Or a model (that body helps too).

    15. In conclusion: nnnnnggggghhhhhhh.

    16. Also here's a bonus Ranveer, okaysorrythankyoubye.