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    Adele Helped A Fan Propose On Stage And It Was Obviously Hilarious


    If you didn't know, Adele kicked off her world tour on Monday night with a show at the SSE Arena in Belfast. It was February 29, aka Leap Day, aka the day it's traditional for women to propose to their boyfriends.

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    And of course, being the wonderful person that she is, Adele took full advantage of this situation and asked the audience if anyone wanted her to help them propose.

    Sarah Stevenson /

    She eventually found a fan who had proposed earlier that day.

    Sarah Stevenson /
    Sarah Stevenson /

    Adele was having none of his wishy-washy answer...

    Sarah Stevenson /

    So she got everyone in the audience to yell at him, because of course she did.

    Sarah Stevenson /

    And when he ~finally~ said yes, Adele couldn't have been more excited.

    Sarah Stevenson /

    She even said she'll go to the wedding!

    Sarah Stevenson /

    Adele: Making dreams come true since 1988. 👑💖

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    You can watch the proposal (starting at 2:40) in full here:

    View this video on YouTube

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