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    Posted on 1 Mar 2016

    This Video About Vijay Mallya Has Almost A Million Views And It's Completely 100% Untrue

    The king of fake times.

    On February 29, Facebook user Ben Simkin shared this small video titled "An Indian Man Walks Into The New York City Bank", about an anecdote allegedly from businessman Vijay Mallya's life.

    Facebook: video.php

    The video got over 8,00,000 views and 19,000 shares in a single day.

    TL;DR – a man takes a $5,000 loan and leaves his Ferrari as collateral. Two weeks later, he returns the loan, pays an interest of $15.41, and takes his car back. When asked why he did this, he replies, "Where else will I get parking in NYC for $15?"

    Facebook: benjaminsimkin

    At the end of the video, the man is revealed to be Vijay Mallya.

    Here's the thing, the story is just an old joke that has been passed down for decades and has absolutely *nothing* to do with Vijay Mallya.


    In fact, if you google it, you get hundreds of thousands of versions of the same joke, none of which even mention Mallya.

    Of course, this hasn't stopped people from tagging their friends and praising Mallya in the comments.


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