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    Posted on Mar. 1, 2016

    This Is The Most Beautiful Cover Of The Pokemon Theme Song You'll Ever Hear

    You're my best friend/In a world we must defend

    Coeur de pirate — aka Béatrice Martin — is the indie pop songstress of your sweetest dreams. In fact, the Francophone Canadian can pretty much make anything sound beautiful.

    Coeur de Pirate / Via Facebook: coeurdepirate.officiel

    Including the Pokemon theme song. No, we're not kidding. Yes, you're about to hear something amazing.

    Pokemon / Via

    Martin just released a cover of the song in honour of Pokemon's 20th anniversary. It's just piano, her voice, and your own intense desire to catch 'em all.

    "It's nothing serious, it's really funny, but it's just an homage to it all," Martin wrote on Facebook. "Enjoooooyyyy!"

    Thank you for this beautiful gift.

    Pokemon / Via

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