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    Posted on Mar 1, 2016

    23 Little Moments That Were So Gratifying To '90s Kids

    Nothing like hearing the loud voice of Disney's "Coming Soon" guy to get you excited about the movie you were about to watch.

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    1. Running your fingers through a freshly opened pack of Gak:


    Before it would it get all gross and have pieces of dirt and hair!

    2. Getting the ONE Happy Meal toy you actually wanted:

    FastFoodToyReviews / Via

    Especially if you get the one rare toy none of your friends got!

    3. Perfectly balancing the bird toy on your fingertip and thinking it was magic:


    And testing how much you could move your finger around before it fell off.

    4. Getting the future you WANTED while playing cootie catcher:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    "I always knew I'd join NSYNC!"

    5. Sitting back and watching this magical prehistoric series over-and-over:


    You were binge-watching before it was even a thing!

    6. Cracking a Wonder Ball to find the hidden treasure inside:

    Via Twitter: @aliiirob

    Although you usually lost the toy within a day.

    7. Drinking the super sweet and cinnamony milk left in your bowl of French Toast Crunch:

    It was the best part.

    8. The satisfying moment when you'd hear the "click" when closing your PlayStation:

    And the humming of the disc spinning inside.

    9. Hearing the soothing voice of the "Coming Soon" guy whenever you popped a Disney movie in:


    Even though his voice was a bit loud, it was comforting.

    10. The excitement you would feel when you'd come home from school and see one of these magazines sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for you:

    *immediately flips to the comic and puzzle pages*

    11. Anytime you got to use your Disney cups or Hercules plates during dinner:

    It felt like a true special occasion.

    12. Building your Mouse Trap game just for fun:

    And then testing out the trap, of course.

    13. Feeling super special whenever your teacher awarded you with a much coveted Weepul:

    *violently shakes Weepul to see eyes twirl*

    14. Drawing the perfect ghost face on your lollipop ghost on the first try.

    It was a skill since the tissue paper always made the ink bleed.

    15. Clicking on all the colors at once on these pens:

    Even though you knew it wouldn't make all the colors come out at once.

    16. Using the different sounds from your "Golden Sound Story Books" for added sound effects when playing with your toys:

    Hell, it was fun just to push them over and over whenever you were bored.

    17. Putting on a brand new pair of stick-on earrings and actually having them stay on for more than 10 minutes.

    Feeling so-so-pretty with your sparkly pink stars!

    18. The first time you'd wear your LA Gear Lights at night:

    Seeing the lights fully glowing was awesome AF.

    19. Opening a brand new art set and seeing everything perfectly laid out:

    And trying to keep it looking like that for as long as possible.

    20. The overwhelming joy you felt whenever you walked into the Warner Bros. Studio Store:

    The sounds of Looney Tunes playing and the all the cool merchandise was pure bliss.

    21. Feeling cool whenever you used the kids door at Imaginarium:

    It was made just for you.

    22. The anticipation of opening up a brand new pack of Pokémon:

    You held out hope that you'd finally get a shinies.

    23. And finally, whenever you got the ratio of graham cookie to frosting right when eating your Dunk-a-Roos.

    TBH, you could always use more frosting.

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