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    This Bizarre Video Could Be The Dankest Political Protest Of All Time

    From the mayor of Dubbo himself.

    The mayor of Dubbo, Mathew Dickerson, has come out in full dank-ness to state his opposition to the proposed amalgamation between the country NSW towns of Dubbo and Wellington.

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    It begins with Dickerson and a girl rigidly walking towards each other before jumping erratically.

    During this whole thing, the duo continue to scream a high pitched song mostly made up of the word "Dubbington".

    The pair then disappear, swamped by a large map of Dubbo.

    Before the girl returns... to...whip her hair back and forth?

    This goes on for some time, all while music blares "DUBBINGTON!" repeatedly.

    She's then forced to quickly duck beneath an oncoming #NoDubbington hashtag before it decapitates her.

    Here are the lyrics:

    They want to merge
    It makes no sense
    They aren't hearing our defense
    Our rates will go way up high
    Democracy will go bye bye
    Dubbo will stand alone

    ***DANCE BREAK****

    Dubbington... no dubba dubba dubba dubba dubbington.
    Dubba dubba dubba dubba Dubbington

    I... I don't know.

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