These People And Their Pets Met With A Pet Psychic For The First Time And It Blew Their Minds

    "I hear an animal the way I hear anyone I'm having a conversation with."

    We brought in a pet psychic to help us find out WTF is going on inside the mind of our pets. Here's what happened:

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    Meet Ellen Lance, pet communicator.

    Ellen assured Kelsey right away that her cat Leo just wanted the option of going outside — but wasn't going to run away and get killed.

    Sure enough, one week later Kelsey left the door open and he didn't run away.

    Ellen also practices emotional clearing with animals, helping them get over trauma or move past something that is blocking them.

    Molly was totally blown away with how Ellen was able to get through to her nervous rescue dog, Elsa.

    Finally, Ellen uses flower essences and oils to figure out what's going on inside the animal.

    Again, a week later, Kelsey looked into some possible urinary or kidney issues and it turned out Leo had crystals in his urine!

    So if you're looking for a deeper understanding of what's going on inside that cute, furry head, you might want to look into a pet psychic!