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    Posted on Mar. 1, 2016

    A Couple Announced Their Pregnancy In The Most Adorkably Canadian Way

    The real winners here.

    Colin and Michelle Neilson are new parents, who just welcomed their adorable baby girl.

    Colin Neilson

    But when Michelle first became pregnant, they broke the news to friends and family in eh-dorable fashion (sorry). Colin told BuzzFeed Canada: "We decided to have a little fun with it..."

    Colin Neilson

    ...revealing the ultimate prize."

    Colin Neilson

    The shirt underneath reads "WINNER. 1 BABY - Redeem by October 2015."



    Colin Neilson

    Colin says the idea came to him after he finally rolled up a winning coffee one morning. But tbvh, the chances of winning a coffee and a baby are about as equally exciting and rare.

    Congratulations, Neilsons!

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