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These Are The Most Popular Panties In Your State

America strips down to its skivvies.

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed

Ever wonder what the most popular undies are in your home state?

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed

• Pennsyvlania: White cotton loungewear

• New York: Black nylon bras

• Vermont: Red lace boudoir bodysuits

• Delaware: Green silk lounge tops

• Massachusetts: Yellow polymide panties

• Connecticut: Pink lace panties

• Rhode Island: Multicolor panties

• New Hampshire: Blue lace panties

• Maine: Nude nylon bras

• New Jersey: Black lace boudoir bodysuits

The folks at True & Co. surveyed their customers and found the most popular lingerie everywhere.

Justine Zwiebel/BuzzFeed

• North Dakota: Multicolor nylon panties

• South Dakota: Gray bras

• Minnesota: Red microfiber mesh bras

• Wisconsin: Gray satin bras

• Iowa: Purple silk bras

• Nebraska: Black bras

• Kansas: Blue rayon loungewear

• Missouri: Multicolor boudoir bodysuits

• Illinois: White polymide panties

• Indiana: Green cotton panties

• Ohio: Multicolor cotton panties

• Michigan: Black lace camisoles

Every state has a fave.

Justine Zwiebel/BuzzFeed

• Texas: Multicolor satin boudoir bodysuit

• Oklahoma: Red cotton panties

• Arkansas: Yellow nylon bras

• Louisiana: Pink nylon panties

• Mississippi: Blue bras

• Tennessee: Gray nylon loungewear

• Kentucky: Purple panties

• Alabama: Pink camisoles

• Georgia: Orange microfiber bras

• South Carolina: Nude cotton bras

• North Carolina: Brown nylon panties

• Florida: White silk panties

• West Virginia: Green nylon bras

• Maryland: Nude nylon panties

• Virginia: Pink nylon bras

And now you know!

Justine Zwiebel/BuzzFeed

• Hawaii: White nylon bras

• Alaska: Purple nylon bras

• Washington: Multicolor flannel pajamas

• Oregon: Green rayon bras

• California: Blue polyester bras

• Nevada: Black bras

• Utah: Pink bras

• Idaho: Pink cotton panties

• Montana: Black cotton underwear

• Wyoming: Nylon bras

• Colorado: Red flannel loungewear

• Arizona: Yellow nylon bras

• New Mexico: Multicolor lace panties

Check out the whole thing here:

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed