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    "SNL" Has Given Women An Amazing Anthem For Saying Whatever The F*ck They Want

    Just say you want the whole cookie. Then eat it.

    The ladies of Saturday Night Live have a message for all women out there: stop hiding your true feelings and just say whatever you want.

    And they are celebrating it with a hilarious spoof on women's advertisements set to Sara Bareilles' Brave.

    So tell that guy that keeps asking you to hang out: Hey thanks, but no thanks.

    NBC / Via

    You know your cheapskate friend is constantly underpaying at dinner. He deserves to be called out.

    NBC / Via

    Why would you agree to split a cookie when you can just say you want the whole thing?

    NBC / Via

    I don't know about ISIS and I don't care to learn more.

    NBC / Via

    Freedom feels so good.

    NBC / Via

    Watch the whole skit here.

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