29 People Who Are Doing Their "House Of Cards" Binge Right

    Netflix marathon, meet rib-eating marathon.

    1. If you're not eating BBQ, you're just doing it wrong.

    2. Cuz if there isn't a Freddy's nearby, you gotta DIY your own.

    3. Bingeing early in the morning?

    4. Themed snacks work particularly well.

    5. Lagging a little? You can always pOp up the drama.

    6. Remember that two glasses of wine > one.

    7. And just because you don't have a White House chef...

    8. Doesn't mean you can't eat gourmet while you watch.

    9. This genius prepared with a whole tray of sushi.

    10. And this watcher knows cheesiness is a good thing.

    11. Do it with your favorite East Coast burger.

    12. Or West Coast. No judgment.

    13. Sometimes you have to pause for jujyfruit.

    14. Tequila can be a good addition.

    15. Or a rather conveniently-named wine.

    16. Do what you gotta do.

    17. But be sure to nurse your hangover the right way.

    18. Healthy snacks work too.

    19. Remember that Netflix marathons require protein.

    20. Watch while you breakfast.

    21. And brunch.

    22. And lunch.

    23. Teatime is good as well.

    24. Probably dinner, too.

    25. Dessert is key.

    26. And also midnight snack.

    27. Because the "HoC" and Girl Scout cookie releases overlapped like 🙌.

    28. And if you're watching with a furry friend...

    29. Don't forget to give him or her a treat as well.

    Let's go.