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Scottish Labour's Deputy Leader Keeps Getting Called Out On Twitter By Her SNP-Supporting Dad

Jeff Dugdale pokes fun at Kezia's boss Jim Murphy, Scottish Labour's campaign strategy, and predicts a hammering at the polls for his daughter's party.

Aidan Kerr • 4 years ago

SNP To Introduce Tough New Rules Requiring Strict Loyalty From MPs

Documents obtained by BuzzFeed News show the SNP leadership is going to require strict loyalty from its Westminster MPs in advance of potential coalition negotiations. The party is also going to break with tradition and introduce all-women shortlists.

Aidan Kerr • 4 years ago

UKIP Is Going To Stand At Least 40 Candidates In Scotland

BuzzFeed News went along to UKIP Scotland's election campaign launch and spoke to the people hoping to become Scotland's first UKIP MPs.

Aidan Kerr • 4 years ago