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9 Canadian MPs Who Have Declared Their Love For Nickelback

"Canada's world international divas."

1. Kevin Sorenson, Conservative MP for Battle River — Crowfoot

Facebook: SorensonKevinA

In April 2009, Sorenson told the House of Commons that Nickelback, "the boys from Hanna, Alberta, constituents of mine, really rocked the place at this year's Juno Awards." He then told everyone "to get a copy of Nickelback's Dark Horse album, the best album in Canada in 2008."

2. Hedy Fry, Liberal MP for Vancouver Centre

Facebook: drhedyfry

In November 2004, she said "groups like Choclair, Nickelback, Blue Rodeo, and of course Sara McLachlan and Alanis Morissette" are known "as Canada's world international divas."

3. Loyola Hearn, former Conservative MP for St. John's South — Mount Pearl

Chris Wattie / Reuters

After Fry spoke, Hearn called on the government to give Nickelback more money. "Why has the minister not announced long-term sustainable funding for people like Nickelback, Alanis Morissette, Sarah McLachlan, and Blue Rodeo who received less than $500,000 over the years but have made over $2 billion in sales for this country?"

4. Terence Young, former Conservative MP for Oakville

Facebook: TerenceYoungMP

In December 2011, he told the House of Commons that Nickelback is among "Canada's brilliant musicians."

He brought Nickelback up again in November 2013: "It is the largest selling Canadian band in the world. We tell the world who we are. They like it and they want to share in it."

5. Shelly Glover, former Conservative MP (and heritage minister) for Saint Boniface

After Young spoke in 2013, Glover thanked him for mentioning Nickelback. "That's only one of many groups that the Canadian government has been helping," she said. "We're so proud of them."

6. Marcel Proulx, former Liberal MP for Hull — Aylmer

Facebook: marcel.proulx1

In March 2009, he said the night before had been "Nickelback's night, as the rockers from Alberta stole the show at the Juno awards."

7. Claude Gravelle, former NDP MP for Nickel Belt

Twitter: @ClaudeGravelle

In May 2012, Conservative MP Colin Carrie accidentally referred to Gravelle as his "colleague from Nickelback." Gravelle replied: "I would like to be a member of Nickelback, but I prefer to be a member for Nickel Belt."

8. Tony Tirabassi, former Liberal MP for Niagara Centre

In February 2002, he said bands like Nickelback "and other superstars define Canadian music."

9. Stephen Harper, MP for Calgary Heritage and former prime minister.

Just look at this photograph.