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22 Terrible April Fools Jokes Australia Tried To Pull Off

Oh great, this again.

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1. April 1, a day everyone fears. Not because it signifies the turning of another month bringing us closer to death — rather, because of a tradition that has occurred for decades: April Fools.

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Here's "Benno & Jezzy's" trying to convince the world a Meat Pie with Tomato Sauce Swirl ice cream is an actual product a multi-million dollar company would try to push onto the public with the hopes of profit. Pass.


6. Politicians, as they are wont to do, also got involved. How hilarious. Sam Dastyari, in his continued attempt to be Labor's "fun vote for the millennials", wrote a nice little press release about kayaks. We don't know why.

7. Live Below The Line tried their best to April Fool the country while making a point. Good on them.

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12. And Rooty Hill RSL got involved. A lot. They even promised that James Packer was planning his wedding with Mariah Carey at the RSL. They actually said this. So why isn't that happening? Because they lied. For a joke.


21. And the Republic of Nauru took to Twitter to let everyone know they'd be putting in a bid for the 2024 Olympics. There were no notes as to how the island nation planned to build appropriate facilities, what with all the detention centres and everything.

Also, they rock at powerlifting!! :-)

And so ended April Fools for once more, as it does every year, with the country trying to work out if our esteemed news organisations are just lying to us all.