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    Posted on Apr 1, 2016

    Taylor Swift Hilariously Fell On Her Face While Running On A Treadmill

    Working out is bad.

    Taylor Swift, maker of infectious pop hits, is the star of the latest Apple Music commercial.

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    It begins with Swift lamenting a thing most normal humans loathe: exercise.

    Beats 1 Radio / Via

    And to remedy her disdain for working out, she plays "Jumpman" by Drake and Future, a song that would most definitely get one in the mood to burn some calories.

    Beats 1 Radion / Via

    And then she's off, spitting a few lyrics from the song as she gets her endorphins going.

    Beats 1 Radio / Via

    Come through, Taylor!

    Unfortunately, her run comes to an abrupt halt when she gets a little ~too~ into the music and face-plants.

    Beats 1 Radio / Via

    And that, folks, is why you should never trust treadmills. They're dangerous!

    Beats 1 Radio / Via

    "I knew you were trouble." —Taylor to evil piece of exercise equipment, probably

    No worries, Taylor. You did a great job of shaking it off.

    Big Machine / Via

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