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    Posted on Apr 1, 2016

    21 Things People Who Live In Essex Are Tired Of Hearing

    No, we aren't all orange.

    1. "No way! You’re actually from Essex?"

    NBCUniversal / Via

    It's true. Real human beings reside there. We live in crazy times.

    2. "Does everyone actually wear that much fake tan and stuff?"

    3. "You spend over an hour travelling to work? God, that’s awful."

    Walt Disney Studios / Via

    And how much is your rent again?

    4. "I can't believe the tube runs out here."

    5. "That’ll be £3,000 for your train season ticket."

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Is this some kind of cruel joke?

    6. "You probably go out in London a lot though, right?"

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Because Essex is so terrible I couldn't possibly be here all the time.

    7. "We should go to the Sugar Hut! You know, for a laugh."

    8. "Oh my god shutttttup innit. That’s amaaaazeballs."

    All3Media / Via

    I can't believe I'm still hearing this.

    9. "Do you know any of the TOWIE lot?"

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    There we go. And no.

    10. "There has been a spillage on the QE2 bridge. All lanes are currently closed."

    11. "There will be a replacement bus service between Grays and Barking."

    NBC Universal / Via

    I might as well work from home.

    12. "There has been an accident between junctions 29-28 and there are major delays on both sides of the M25."

    13. "London Fenchurch Street is now closed."

    Warner Bros Television / Via

    What? How do I get home? Liverpool Street? I've got to walk where?

    14. "Do you live near Brentwood?"

    Warner Bros. Television / Via

    Go on, just ask the real question.

    15. "I’ve just started selling this weight loss/muscle gain system and you have to try it!"

    16. "I’ve just qualified as a personal trainer/beautician and am now taking on clients."

    NBC Universal / Via NBC Universal Television Distribution

    Is there anyone actually left in Essex without fake lashes and personalised body transformation plans?

    17. "Your train home from London is delayed by two hours."

    Car on track at #Pitsea now removed by @BTP and @networkrail. Lines reopened with late running fm earlier blockage

    Perfect. Just Perfect.

    18. "So come on, is it like what you see on the TV?"

    HBO / Via

    100%. Just like all TV, it's completely accurate.

    19. "London Southend Airport."

    20. "Essex girls, eh?" *winks*

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    2016. Feminism. No? Ok.

    21. "Wait, this is Essex? It's so nice!"

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