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    For Everyone Who Believes The Syracuse Orange Can Win It All


    For everyone who's emotionally invested in March Madness and is rooting for the Syracuse Orange...

    Nate Shron / Via Getty Images

    ...for everyone who's watched Syracuse power through the first round, second round, Sweet Sixteen, and Elite Eight...

    Jonathan Daniel / Via Getty Images

    ...and for everyone who's loved these teams with all of their hearts for as long as they can remember...

    ...this is the moment we've all been waiting for.

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    The moment when BOTH of our incredible basketball teams have the chance to make history and show the rest of the NCAA, country, and the world how much we deserve to be in this tournament.

    And the moment we can prove to everyone how much we really deserve to win it all.

    One year after the men's team's post-season ban and for the women's team's first time ever, the Syracuse Orange are in the Final Four looking for revenge and showing the world exactly what we're made of.

    🎥 Relive the moment from court level 🍊🏀 #FinalFour


    Everyone else may have counted us out and said we don't deserve to be here, but now the joke's on them. It's up to US when we go home.

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    People don't forget, Joe Lunardi.

    No one expected us to get this far. In fact, no one *wanted* us to get this far.

    In the words of Carmelo Anthony, "They don't want us to win!"

    But...HERE. WE. ARE.

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    Our teams are proof that literally anything is possible and nothing is out of the question as long as you push yourself to the limit and never lose faith.

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    The odds may be stacked against us, but let's be real: Who deserves this act of redemption more than we do?

    President Obama even knows what's good with the Syracuse Orange.

    White House / Via

    Sorry we messed up your bracket, Mr. President.

    White House / Via

    And of course, good ole' Joe Biden always has our back.


    See ya at the Final Four, Vice President Biden.

    Good things don't come easy.

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    That's why we have to believe in Malachi Richardson, Michael Gbinije, Trevor Cooney, Brittney Sykes, Alexis Peterson, Brianna Butler, and the rest of our outstanding players on the roster to get the job done.

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    Welcome to the #NoShoeShootersClub, Tyler Lydon.

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    We've done it before, and we sure as hell can do it again.

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    This is way bigger than playing in a couple of games or worrying about winning your bracket pool.

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    This is about pride.

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    It's about tradition.

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    It's about bleeding orange.

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    And to everyone who counted us out: Guess who's about to go dancing in the Final Four? Are Georgetown, Duke, or UConn?

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    (Your mom's a Hoya, by the way.)

    Nope, but *WE* are!

    Nate Shron / Via Getty Images


    Carmelo Anthony / Via Twitter: @carmeloanthony


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    In Boeheim we trust.