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This Dessert Looks Just Like A Blob Of Water And I Can't Look Away

Wobble, baby, wobble.

Introducing possibly the weirdest, coolest dessert you've ever laid eyes on: the "Raindrop Cake."

Side note, how badly do you want to poke it?

"It kind of reminds me of that scene from A Bug’s Life where they drink water drops off of leaves," Wong told BuzzFeed. "There are very few foods that engage this many senses at the same time, which is what attracted me to this dessert in the first place."

You're probably wondering, But what does it taste like?

"They looked like a really cool and fun food experience," Wong said. "When I discovered you couldn't get them in the U.S., I went to work in making it myself."

Raindrop Cakes are now available at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn for $8, and while people are lining up in droves to eat for the 'Gram, reviews so far have been mixed.

All of us right now: