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    Posted on 1 Apr 2016

    This Is What $20 Can Get You In An Australian Clothing Store

    Basically, not much at all.

    Rebecca Hendin / Emma Markezic / BuzzFeed

    Hi, I'm Emma, and like a lot of other Australians who regularly purchase new clothing, I feel like the price of hoodies is going up with houses. (Seriously, where is that graph?)

    Emma Markezic

    I don't know about you but I'm one of those people who go through white t-shirts like tissues. I'm what your mother would call "a grub". Combined with a penchant for pizza this means I have to do a pretty regular ~tee run~ to keep people convinced that I am a normal, clean human.

    But on my latest foray I couldn't help notice the price of a white t-shirt in this country has gotten Jim Jefferies-offensive.

    This displeases me.

    Saddened by the current cost of living-in-white-tops, I decided to find out exactly what you can get for your coin in the most affordable places that exist in this fair land.

    Yep, I'm talking chain stores. Basically, everywhere you might find in your average shopping centre or Westfield (the cheap level only, obviously).

    My only self-imposed rule was that all items had to be full price and from chain clothing stores. Also, any shop without any items under $20 would not be included in my list.

    Because yes, there were actually a bunch of chain stores in which I came up with diddly squat. They were the higher-end ones, I grant you, but still – less cheap thrills that you'd get on a date with Putin.

    This is how it all went down...


    Emma Markezic

    I was expecting Sportsgirl to provide a shitload. How wrong I was. While I could get this pretty great eye shadow palette for $19.95, a simple printed t-shirt was priced just under 50 bucks.


    Emma Markezic

    You can get this natty hair clip for $16.95 and that’s about all, folks.


    Emma Markezic

    The third store I came across was every mum's favourite Sussan where despite my best efforts in the scarf rack, I discovered the only thing you can get for under $20 were these. Either pair will set you back $14.95.


    Emma Markezic

    You can get this ~blingy~ gold headband for $16.95. I’m glad the label specified headband though, because I thought it was a fancy garter.


    Emma Markezic

    Socks. You can get a pair of socks. For $12.95.


    Emma Markezic

    A long-sleeve striped tee for $19.99. I can’t even make fun of that, because it’s actually pretty good.


    Emma Markezic

    You could get more actual clothes here! Like, made of fabric you can drape on your body and everything. This tee was also $19.95.


    Emma Markezic

    Cotton On provided the most bang for your buck with a dress for $19.95. That’s a whole, entire outfit! I mean, if you don’t want to wear any underwear or shoes. And let’s face it, who does?


    Emma Markezic

    A fur ball on a chain for $14.95. Oh, what a world we live in.


    Emma Markezic

    TARTAN LEGGINGS ALERT. We can literally all look like Gwen Stefani, at last.

    I suggest we, as a nation, all buy a pair for $20 and then wear them on the same day in a sartorial protest against the insane price of clothes in this country. Let’s make it on a day when we know Liam and/or Chris Hemsworth is in town.

    In conclusion...

    Cotton On is a great place to buy cheap clothes, as is Just Jeans and Supre. Though their ranges under $20 still aren't that extensive. As in, there were zero plain white t-shirts in sight.

    However, if you're ever looking to spend a crisp lobster on a shiny hair accessory or a fluffy ball, the average Australian shopping centre is the place for you, my friend. Go wild.

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