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    12 Dramatic Boob Moments All Women Have

    I love you AND I hate you.

    1. When you get filled with dread because you KNOW your nipples will be waving hello to everyone.

    2. When your boobs are drooping and you have to reach in to pull them back up.

    3. The horror of running out of good clean bras, and having to reach into the back of your closet for THAT bra.

    4. When your bra is too tight and your boobs have suddenly morphed into a shelf that is slowly suffocating you.

    5. When you see a nice pair of tits and you don't know why gravity hates yours so much.

    6. When someone rolls over onto your nipple.

    7. When everyone knows that you're wearing a strapless bra because it currently ain't where it should be.

    8. When your boobs start to hurt like shit and you know that nothing good is coming to your life.

    9. When your boobs won't stop itching no matter how much you tell them that you're in a public place.

    10. When you're on your period so you know you're about to get your monthly quadboob visitor.

    11. When you're pretty sure you're a grown-ass woman and then your chest breaks out in zits.

    12. And finally, when you have to run but your boobs are sitting still about as well as antsy kids in the backseat of a car.