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    17 Cards All Fans Of "The Office" Would Love To Send

    Roses are red, violets are blue. It's time for your dental cleaning, and maybe a checkup, too.

    1. For reminding someone who's boss:

    2. For cheering a friend up after a breakup:

    3. For celebrating Halloween, Creed style:

    4. For letting someone know you love them:

    5. For when you need to shut someone down:

    6. For when someone needs educating:

    7. For sharing your philosophy:

    8. For mocking your arch-rival:

    9. And for protecting them:

    10. For when you make a tiny mistake:

    11. For heartfelt apologies:

    12. For any innuendo ever:

    13. For when you're worried your friend is paying too much for their worms:

    14. For your one-night stand:

    15. For your worst enemy:

    16. For your soulmate:

    17. And for anyone on their special day: