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    I Wore The Same Outfit To Work Every Day And No One Noticed

    And no, I didn't wash it.

    Hi! I'm Christina, and I like dressing stylishly, but I don't have a lot of clothes and I'm also incredibly indecisive. So, I thought it'd be fun to wear the same outfit for a week.

    There were two things I wanted to figure out from this experiment:

    1. Would I really enjoy having the same clothes set out for me every morning?

    2. Would anyone at my job notice or react to me wearing the same outfit over and over again?

    To gauge whether or not people would notice, I did two different versions of the experiment for two weeks: the first week I wore something casual, and the second week, I dressed up.

    As far as maintenance goes, I did not wash these while wearing them, but I promise that I showered daily and changed my underwear.

    During the first week, I didn't think many people would notice what was up because my outfit was very casual. People would maybe suspect that I had multiple blue T-shirts, and nobody really questions how many times a person wears their jeans in a row before washing them.

    However, since it was the first time I'd ever done this, I was self-conscious. I didn't want my co-workers to think of me as a despicable, dirt-loving hog, but if I were to go by whether or not people said anything, then nobody noticed because nobody made any mention of my attire. It was my own paranoia that led me to think that people did double takes or looked at me strangely.

    The most uncomfortable part of the week was sweating and knowing I wouldn't be able to change. However, it was a relief to know exactly what I was going to wear every morning. I know you can plan your outfit out the night before, but sometimes, I don't want to expend any mental energy on how I should clothe my body. Don't get me wrong: I like dressing up, and I believe that a small part of how you visualize your day is determined by what you choose to wear.

    In my dream world, I'd alter between weeks of wearing sweat pants, being nude, and dressing fashionably without ever feeling judged.

    During the first part of the week, I checked for sweat stains constantly.

    I also fanned them out, quite vigorously:

    And true to my word, I still wore the same thing to post-work activities.

    Of course, there were times when I regretted every decision I had made for the week:

    But that was nothing a little perfume couldn't fix:

    Miraculously, I only got stains on my clothes once, which truthfully, I just dabbed with water until they sort of came out.

    By the end of the week, I tore these pieces off my body and ran my cheek across the fresh scent of all the other clothing that I had neglected that week.

    For week 2, I went for something ~edgy~ in the hopes that it would attract more looks when I repeated it. While I did get a lot of compliments the first day, my co-workers that I hung out with daily made no mention of my repeat outfit on the days after. I can speculate on two reasons for this: one, they figured I was doing this for a project or two, I was pulling the look off so well with my confidence that they found themselves incapable of questioning my motives. I'd like to go with theory number two.

    The other times people commented on my outfit were Wednesday and Thursday, when the person who literally sits next to me admired my dress cape, and another co-worker expressed immense adoration for my floral pants. Sometimes when I dress up, I don't believe everyone who needs to see that outfit that day sees it, so this prolonged adulation affirmed my belief that I should wear a cute outfit multiple times a week just to make sure everyone sees it before I retire it.

    And like week one, having this outfit pre-planned for the entire week made my life so much easier. I could go to the gym before work and bring the same ensemble without any second thoughts. I gloated in this freedom from decision-making. Plus, I had way more time to experiment with makeup while still staying within the limits of my 15-minute morning routine. I looked glamorous every day.

    Unlike week one, week two was chilly, and as much as I hated being cold, I relished in the fact that I would probably never sweat.

    It was RAINING! It was GLOOMY! My rose pants felt antithetical, and powerless in affecting the weather.

    On Wednesday, I experimented with different eyeliner techniques and got showered with compliments.


    The next day, I went for an intimidating overlord look.

    I'm also not good at makeup, but these charts helped me achieve the impossible.

    Here's the only stain from the second week:

    At the end of two weeks, there were three things I came away with.

    1) I would absolutely do it all over again.

    2) The idea of laundry actually excited me:

    3) Taking pictures of myself every day got boring REAL FAST.