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April 15, 2016

HDFS 301/Sp16: Tips For Healthy Eating In Young Children

It is important to begin early on making smart decisions about nutrition and making healthy choices. Starting early with teaching healthy eating can reduce the problem of childhood and future obesity, health problems, and malnutrition. Parents can be a guide and a implementer of these actions so that they continue to follow these habits later on in the future as they get older. Below are a few tips and things to know about nutrition and eating in early childhood.

Dancing Gives My Body Back To Me

In a world that demands that I straighten and shrink myself, I haven’t always been comfortable enough to dance freely. But nothing makes me feel more connected to my community — or my own body.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sparred during last night’s Democratic presidential debate in New York. Thousands of fast-food workers went on strike yesterday across the U.S. And what is empty nose syndrome?

Queen’s 90th Birthday Charity Given Red Risk Rating

Revealed: A fund founded by the Queen’s grandson to arrange her 90th birthday celebrations was given a “red” risk rating by the Charity Commission because his for-profit company stood to benefit from the event's £4 million income.