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April 30, 2016

When Trans Selfies In Bathrooms Go Viral

To protest anti-trans bathroom bills, some attractive, cis-passing trans people have taken selfies to show the absurdity of having to use a restroom that doesn’t match their gender identity. But do cis allies who share these images express allegiance to established gender roles as a condition of their support?

Why NASA Is Building An $18 Billion Rocket To Nowhere

Although NASA touts its discoveries in space, the federal agency is, and has always been, about jobs on the ground. “Money aimed at science and research ends up with builders and contractors instead,” a former NASA deputy administrator said.

L'insoutenable tristesse de Ben Affleck

Le Ben Affleck des années 90 était une machine à séduire: gauche, discret et engagé dans une relation platonique et très publique avec un acteur tout aussi charmant, Matt Damon. En cinq ans, il est devenu la risée du public. Il a fallu dix ans pour que sa carrière s’en remette. Aujourd’hui, il se débat, une nouvelle fois, avec son image. De quoi Ben Affleck a-t-il autant honte?

Choosing A Real Estate Advisor

The recent economic downturn has lead to property prices coming down dramatically. With the expected upswing in the economy, this is the time to invest in real estate. If you do not already own a home and have a stable job and income, plan on investing in your own home now. If you already own a home, look at other real estate investment opportunities.

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