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23 Genius Dating Tips From Tumblr

Don't date someone you wouldn't have a dog with.

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1. This probably genuinely revealing tactic:

2. This cute pet name:

3. This obvious etiquette:

Comedy Central

4. This solid logic:

5. This excellent flirting strategy:

6. This perfect first date behaviour:

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7. This great date idea:

8. And this excellent seasonal date idea:

9. This seductive dancing:

10. This honest response:

11. This natural response:

12. This take on "natural beauty":

13. This sage advice against dating moths:


14. This genuinely solid advice:

15. This beautiful story of true love:

16. This beautiful fatherly advice:

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17. This argument against sleeping with the first date you meet:

18. This cute date idea:

19. This word of warning:

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20. This other first date rule:

21. This lesson in consent:


22. This Freudian slip:

23. This really casual behaviour: