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    22 Reasons Nobody Ever Vacations In Minnesota

    Minnesota? No thanks.

    1. Thinking about taking a trip to Minnesota? LOL. No. Of course not. Who would ever willingly go to such a boring, ugly place?

    2. You’ve never seen such a blank landscape. Totally flat. Totally boring.

    3. Nobody there knows how to have fun.

    The annual Polar Plunge in Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.

    4. The cities are dull. Lifeless.

    5. And once you’re out of the cities, there’s nothing to do.

    6. Nothing to see.

    7. No natural beauty.

    8. Nowhere to just relax and get away from it all.

    9. And those 10,000 lakes you’ve heard about? Nothing special.

    10. Just puddles, really.

    11. Nothing to write home about.

    12. There’s only two seasons: winter and summer...

    13. …the summer only lasts, like, a month. Tops.

    14. ...and the winters are as hideous as they are harsh.

    15. Seriously, those small town in Minnesota? There’s nothing interesting to see.

    The world's largest ball of twine in Darwin, Minnesota.

    16. No beautiful landmarks. Nothing.

    The abbey at St. Johns University, home of the illuminated The Saint John's Bible.

    17. And it’s all, like, farmers, so definitely don’t expect much of a nightlife while you’re there.

    18. There’s no culture...

    19. art scene...

    20. …nothing exciting at all...

    21. …and I’m pretty sure nobody famous has ever even come out of Minnesota.

    First Avenue Nightclub in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    22. Nope! Nothing here for you. Better off just avoiding it!