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This Is What Happens When You Heat Up Your Dinner With A Blow Dryer

Who needs a microwave?

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I'm also averse to exerting effort (aka lazy), and as a result my refrigerator is a place where leftovers go to die.

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Disclaimer: I'm not completely helpless and wasteful. I frequently use the stovetop and oven to reheat pizza, Chinese food, and the rare chicken breasts I cook myself. (You know, the classics.) But I'll be the first to admit most perishables perish here.


So I turned on the Mets game and went to work on the pad see ew.

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THREE MINUTES: Getting closer to becoming edible. The top layer could be considered room temperature in a cool room. However, the congealed noodle I ate from the bottom made me gag.


What I learned:

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1. My dad judges my lifestyle choices.

2. Using a hair dryer to heat up food actually sort of works.

3. It's a waste of time.

4. Food tastes better when you reheat it in a pan or on a stovetop.

5. I'll never do it again.