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    Everybody Needs To Read Sarah Jane Dias’ Message To Girls Battling Body Image Issues

    "I’ve been depressed, I’ve had eating disorders, I’ve had all sorts of things. But I found a way to deal with it."

    Angry Indian Goddesses actress Sarah Jane Dias told Humans of Bollywood the story of how she triumphed over negative body image problems post a life-altering car accident.

    Due to the injury, Dias suffered other health issues for 4 years. She even got fired from her job because she was "too fat to be on television”, she told Humans of Bollywood.

    By sharing her story Dias urged young girls who struggle with body image issues, to reach out to her on social media and discuss their problems.

    "I'm just saying that when Baz Luhrmann said 'don't read beauty magazines, they make you ugly' - it's so true. If there is one thing I want to say, it's that: I'm on Instagram, I'm on Twitter, and for all these girls out there who have these issues - I'm out there. I've been depressed, I've had eating disorders, I've had all sorts of things. But I found a way to deal with it. And I'm here if they have any questions, if they want to talk about it… please reach out."


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