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People Are Dropping Random Objects In The Bath For This Ridiculous New Meme

Bathtime just got a whole lot meme-ier.

If you're not already familiar, these are Lush bath bombs.

Now, the ridiculous people of Vine are sharing their own ~DIY~ versions of the cult bathtime fave by chucking random objects in the tub.

The meme began on Vine when a user pastatute posted this video of her watermelon bath bomb on April 24. It seems to be inspired by a similar bath bomb meme that took over in December 2014.

And it's been taking off ever since.

We've seen this "apple" bath bomb.

And this rustic, woodsy bath bomb.

The videos somehow get funnier the more you watch them.

Seriously, why can't I stop watching these?

The jokes have even gone meta already.

Ahh, nothing like a nice bath to unwind.

So luxurious.

So rejuvenating.

Thanks for being you, Internet.

You can find more bath bomb videos on Vine.