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    Rock Your Next Formal With These Fancy AF Hairstyles

    Get ready to be the fairest of them all.

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    BuzzFeed Top Knot is here to make you the Belle of the ball.

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    Once Upon a Time

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    Start by curling hair with a one-inch curling iron leaving the ends out to give it a wavy texture.

    Backcomb the top and sides, and lightly spray with hairspray.

    Smooth out and pin one side into the middle-back of the head, then grab the other side and pin it into the back.

    Enchanted Kingdom

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    Take a section from one side of your head and braid.

    Take another section next to it and fishtail braid it. Move to the other side of the head and take sections and braid. (We did a regular braid, fishtail, five-strand braid, and a rope braid.)

    Take each braid and pin to the other side of the head. Curl remaining hair with a one-inch curling iron leaving the ends out for a wavy finish.

    Fairest of Them All

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    Starting at the top of the head, grab a small section and wrap a pony tail holder around the hair into a bun or loop. Continue taking small sections and looping with a ponytail holder until you reach the nape.

    Pull out each bun/loop to look fuller and pin into place so you can not see the ponytail holder. Spray with hairspray.

    Happily Ever After

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    Part hair down the middle and start a french braid on one side down to the back of the nape. Do the same on the other side.

    Spray with hairspray and pull out the side of the braid to make it look fuller. Take the two braids in the back and wrap them together to form a bun-type shape and pin.