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April 25, 2016

How A Prison Radio Show Has Changed Women's Lives

In Ecuador, some prisons are taking a unique approach to rehabilitating inmates: giving them radio shows. BuzzFeed News goes inside one such program to see how it's changing incarcerated women's lives.

12 New Catcalls To Add To Your Repertoire!

Fellas! If there's one thing the internet has taught us, it's that women (especially the female ones) love being randomly catcalled! On the street, at their jobs, safely within the confines of their homes - wherever! "Harrassment?" More like, "Her ass, man!" When "Hey baby" and "Smile, beautiful" lose their mojo, it's time to get creative. Woo the girl of your dreams with these killer lines, guaranteed* to get YOU laid!

In The News Today: Wretched Conditions In Nepal

U.S. President Barack Obama is sending 250 additional troops to Syria. Cruz and Kasich are teaming up to stop Trump from winning the Republican nomination. And the situation on the ground in Nepal is bleak, a year after a devastating earthquake struck the country.

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