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    21 Grown-Up Pudding Recipes

    "You know, I keep waiting to get sick of pudding — with every cup I love it more."

    1. Cereal Milk Chia Pudding with Lucky Charms Crumbs

    2. Mango Mousse

    3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Trifles

    4. Lebanese Semolina Pudding

    5. Southern Banana Pudding Parfait

    6. Black Rice Pudding with Cardamom Spiced Oranges

    7. Walnut Caramel Pots de Crème

    8. Almond Pudding

    9. Mint Chia Pudding with Brownie Bottom

    10. Butterscotch Budino with Salted Caramel and Pretzel Crumble

    11. Blueberry Pudding

    12. Coconut Chia Pudding with Smoked Salmon

    13. Berry Buckwheat Chia Pudding Parfait

    14. Lime and Avocado Pudding

    15. Dominican Majarete

    16. Coffee and Chocolate Pudding

    17. Brazilian Corn Pudding

    18. Carrot Cake Chia Porridge

    19. Pistachio Chia Pudding

    20. The Very Best Vanilla Pudding

    21. Gulab Phirni