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This Swedish Political Party's New Logo Looks Very Much Like A Penis

Some party members aren't happy.

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The Swedish opposition party Liberalerna revealed its new logo this weekend, which some are saying looks very much like an erect penis.

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The party's leader, Jan Björklund, revealed the new logo at a party conference on Saturday before tweeting it for all to see.

"It's arrived," he said.

The internet reacted accordingly.

"A white cock has always been the key to power," said one journalist.

Liberalernas nya logga. Tja. En vit kuk har ju alltid varit nyckeln till makten. #svpol #liberalerna #logofail

"It now remains to be seen if the Liberals maintain their new logo, or if they fold in the face of criticism," said another.

Nu återstår att se om Liberalerna ståndaktigt håller fast vid sin nya logga eller om de viker ned sig för kritiken.

People provided helpful illustrations.

Some in more detail than others.

Someone even provided a full-frontal view of the logo.

@bjorklundjan Jag tyckte loggan såg lite halvfärdig ut. Men nu är det justerat :)

Björklund responded to Penisgate in an interview with a Swedish paper, saying "if people laugh, we get attention, and that's good".

Liberalerna were part of a centre-right coalition government that was ousted in 2014, and have since undergone a substantial rebranding campaign in advance of the 2018 election.

"One can read a lot of associations into the L," Björklund said. "It's made the logo very famous very quickly."

One party member, 26-year-old Carl, told BuzzFeed News he thought the new logo was "fucking atrocious".

"But I guess it may be an appropriate logo to spread the party's message."