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These Designers Used Rings And Fingers To Perfectly Explain Sexual Consent And Rape

Because people still ask, "Why won't women eventually enjoy it?"

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Chennai-based freelance graphic designer Harshini Raji (aka "The Pink Auto Design Factory") recently created a series of images that uses the analogy of rings on fingers to explain why rape is so traumatic for its victims. The idea was conceptualised by Raji's friend Akshita.

Raji worked on this project after being asked by a friend, "Why won't women eventually enjoy it?"

"I was shocked when he asked me so and I had to explain the whole process of what actually happens during rape," Raji told BuzzFeed. "That was not the only instance of a boy asking me that question – four to five more men have asked me the same question.

"People don't know why rape is such a huge issue. If people were enlightened about it and taught how serious an issue rape is, the number of rape jokes will go down. I thought it was time it stopped and people need to know why they should stop it, too."