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18 Small Acts Of Weirdness Every Canadian Is Guilty Of

You like your coffee crisp.

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1. Rummaged through the garbage for a used coffee cup because you forgot to check the secret message under its rim.

2. Ate Ringolos off your fingers.

3. Told people you like your coffee "crisp."

4. Ate the red Smarties last even though they taste exactly the same as the rest.

Jessica Merz/Flick Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jessicafm

5. Learned most of your French from food packaging.

6. Enjoyed a smug sense of superiority when you won TimePlay.

7. Secretly loved it when other people made fun of us.


8. Pointed out when a celebrity is Canadian for no reason at all.

Kat Angus/BuzzFeed Canada

9. Felt kind of responsible for a Canadian celebrity's success once they become famous outside of Canada.

10. Publicly claimed you hate Nickelback...

...But grudgingly admitted that "How You Remind Me" isn't bad.

Roadrunner / Via

11. Worried you were about to have a seizure every time you smelled toast.

Historica Canada / Via

12. Said "so-rry" to an inanimate object because you bumped into it.

13. Bragged about how much Canadian Tire money you saved up.

14. Spent 45 minutes in Indigo/Chapters without glancing at a single book.

Sarah Aspler/BuzzFeed Canada

15. Refused to waste valuable fridge space.

16. Put your whole life on hold for a hockey game.

17. Prayed for a miniature hippo to be real because you saw it on TV once.

18. And used this GIF over and over in pretty much any conversation about Canada:

CBS / Via