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People Freaked Out On Reddit Because They All Had The Same Plates

People are going nuts on Reddit over a common possession: these frickin' plates.

It all started with this innocent post in r/funny.

But Redditors in that thread quickly noticed something familiar: THOSE PLATES.

Does this look familiar to you?

Apparently, basically everyone in the United States owned these plates at some point — or still owns them today.

Each one of those links is a Redditor posting a current pic of their plates.

One by one, Redditors starting posting proof that they have those same plates in their cupboard right now.

It's like Plateception.

Directed by Christopher Nolan.

Some people are just straight-up bragging.

Others are showing off their dinner, too.

Looks delicious, tbh.

Apparently these plates are made by Corelle in the '70s, and this particular design is called "Butterfly Gold."

So they're ~vintage~.

That might explain why these plates just seem to ~exist~ in every house and apartment in America.

  1. So, let's settle this: Did you ever own these plates?
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So, let's settle this: Did you ever own these plates?
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    Yes! I had these growing up.
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    Yes, I own some right now!
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    Nope, never seen these before.
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    I never owned any, but I saw them at a friend's house.
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    Is this some kind of conspiracy?

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