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This Artist Has Been Photoshopping Herself Into The Famous Photos That Inspire Her

Equal parts creepy and cool.

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She has been photoshopping selfies of herself into iconic photos of her dead idols for a project titled, “The Wish Fulfillment Series”. Here she is in a shot with Madhubala.

"I happened to get my first smartphone this March. I was someone who had never taken selfies so decided to make it interesting for myself." Rao told BuzzFeed.

Gitanjali Rao

"So I thought of who I would like to be seen in selfies with. The idea and fun of making impossible selfies then resulted in this project," she added. Like this one with Satyajit Ray.


"It came down to images that I could recreate with my limited resources— few clothes, one lipstick and two eye liners and Photoshop," said Rao.

""The response has been quite overwhelming for someone like me who has not more than 600-odd friends on Facebook. It also brought back memories for a generation who admired these folks with a passion while growing up," Rao told.

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