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28 Random Thoughts You Have When You're In High School

"Wait — homework? What homework?"

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Here are just some of the things that cross their minds on a typical day:

2. First period? I thought it was called breakfast?

3. What do you mean 9 a.m. isn't on time?

4. Who can I get to let me in the bathroom?


6. Who didn't put on deodorant?

7. Is that what my eyeliner is supposed to look like?

8. PLEASE let me help with your makeup.

9. Will we have to go through a metal detector today?

11. So. Many. Stairs.

12. Can't we have two lunch periods?

13. And can lunch be a cheeseburger deluxe?

14. Actually, the spinach is kind of good.


16. If I compliment this teacher's shirt, I bet I can distract him from asking about my attendance.

17. Does anyone else think Mr. Larsen looks like an Avenger?

18. My outfit is amazing today — I wonder how many compliments I'll get.

19. Who can I get some snacks from?

21. I wonder if we'll have a sub today.

22. How do I still not know my schedule?

23. Isn't it time to go home yet?

24. I definitely should've stopped for food.


26. At least my friends help me make it through the day.

27. I hope I make my family proud.