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25 Times Siri Gave A Master Class In Sass

"I didn't quite get that."

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1. Ask her if she's seeing anyone:

2. Ask her if she wants a peek at the goods:

3. Ask her to take notes:

4. Ask her to do your dirty work:

5. Ask her to contact your partner:

6. Ask her to wingman for you:

7. Ask her about her favorite shows:

8. Ask for her opinion on certain internet providers:

9. Ask her about other virtual personal assistants:

10. Ask her to schedule an appointment for your corpse:

11. Ask her about sports while listening to NPR in the background:

12. Ask her to preform a simple task:

13. Ask her out:

14. Ask her for a nickname:

15. Ask her about proper disposal techniques:

16. Ask her for support on your newfound parenthood:

17. Ask her for directions to a fictional place:

18. Ask her for a restaurant recommendation:

19. Ask her a bit of trivia:

20. Ask her if she knows the date:

21. Ask her to call you by your proper name:

22. Ask her to DJ your next party:

23. Wish her a good morning:

24. Ask her to set an alarm for you:

25. Ask her to respect your new identity:

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